A Typical Turnover Package Workflow

The typical workflow to generate a turnover package using paper forms and Excel tables is as follows:

  • Check the Excel sheet to make sure all devices in a particular system have been commissioned.  Double check to make sure the Excel sheet is accurate and up to date.  Triple check system status by asking a few folks about the completion status of the system in question.
  • Retrieve all the completed checklists and paper forms completed by the field techs, and sort them in a particular order
  • Scan these into a PDF document
  • Fill out Word document templates for cover pages and other inserts in between device types, and print these to PDF
  • Assemble the PDF
  • Attach to email and send to stakeholders

Automate and Reduce Steps with Modern Cx Software

A lot of the above can be automated with Cx software.  For example, instead of checking an Excel sheet for system completion, you can view the % complete status of a particular system by just looking at the status of the systems.  Since this information is updated automatically and in real-time, there’s no need to check the “freshness” of any Excel sheet…it’s always fresh and up to date.  Instead of retrieving archived paper forms, sorting them, and scanning into PDF, just click the print button from your Cx software and then select the sort order to print each completed checklist and commissioning form.  And instead of filling out Word document templates for inserts in between each device type or category, the Cx system can do this automatically.



The above automation sounds simple enough:

  1. Check the status of a system
  2. Print forms for completed devices to PDF, assemble them in a particular order
  3. Attach to an email and hit the send button.


But most legacy software makes this more complex than it should or could be.  For example, some legacy Cx systems can generate forms to PDF, but combining the forms for each device in a particular order, and/or setting a file naming convention and folder hierarchy may require extra 3rd party software tools or additional costs.  Getting the documents to the turnover team might also require separate document file repositories or systems.  

If you are using a legacy software system for commissioning large construction projects, and you are being told that generating a turnover package requires additional software cost, or if you are still using paper forms and Excel, give modern software designed for Cx a look.  

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