Automated reports via email are now available with the XForms Cx platform

You can now set up an automation within the XForms Cx platform that can fire off a daily or weekly report via email.  This feature is available from the Admin > Reports menu.  Once you navigate to that screen, click on the blue “+ Add” button on the top of the screen to create a new report schedule.

Available Options

In the report scheduler popup window, you will see a few options:

  • Select a project
  • Add a custom name for the new scheduled report
  • Add one or more email addresses to send to (separate each email address using a semicolon)
  • Select a frequency (Daily or Weekly)
  • Select a report type (Summary, Complete, or Punchlist)
  • An on/off switch to include unresolved punchlist items
  • An on/off switch to disable the scheduled report


What the reports include

Note that all the report types are sent via email as attachments in Excel (xlsx) format.  Worksheet tabs are used to separate out different parts of a report.  The reports consist of the following:

Summary Report


  • high-level completion information


Complete Report


  • High-level completion information. Overall % complete by device and by system.  Total forms submitted.
  • System Summary. % complete by system ID.
  • Device Summary. % complete by device.
  • Form Summary.  Listing of forms submitted, grouped by device and displaying who and when the form was completed.
  • Punchlist. A list of issues identified by the commissioning team.  Optionally can include resolved issues.


Punchlist Report

As the name implies, the punchlist report only includes punchlist items.  By default only unresolved punchlist items are provided in the exported report.  If you want to also include resolved items, you need to flip the “Include unresolved items” on/off switch to on.

Daily or weekly schedule

You can set up the report to be sent either on a daily or weekly basis:

  • Daily: sent each morning at 4am eastern USA timezone (GMT-4/-5), 7 days a week
  • Weekly: sent each Monday morning at 6am eastern USA timezone (GMT-4/-5)

Reports also available on demand

Need that report right away? Click the play button to run it immediately.

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