Cx Dashboard Change Log

v2024.1.1 (04-22-2024)

Added a user activity log that displays login activity as well as form submittal activity.  This is accessible from the Dashboard > Admin > Activity Log.  Includes a type ahead dynamic search control as well as a date range search control.

v2023.2.4 (07-29-2023)

Added on/off switches to display “disabled” records on the Projects screen and the Users screen.  Now only active projects and active users will load by default.  And to display disabled projects/users, you will need to flip the “Show Disabled…” switch to on.  See screenshots below.

v2023.2.1 (04-16-2023)

  • Added ability to generate a Cx report on demand.  To run a report, click on the “Run Report” button (play button) on the far left of your report scheduler listing.  See below.

v2023.2.0 (04-13-2023)

  • Added an automated report feature, which can be used to schedule daily or weekly reports at the project level.  Includes options to send a summary report, complete report, or a punchlist report.  You can add multiple email addresses per report, and can set up an unlimited # of reports.  The punchlist report also includes an option to include resolved items.  Reports are in Excel format.  See video below.

v2023.1.7 (03-02-2023)

Bug fix related to display of draft forms via “show draft forms” switch

Changed internal pointers connecting form templates to device types.  Device type now supports new versions of form templates without having to remove and then re-attach form templates to device types.

v2023.1.3 (01-30-2023)

Added ability to import punchlist records from a CSV file.  A pre-formatted CSV file can be downloaded (via a tiny link), populated, and then imported via the new Import CSV button.  See screenshot below for where this is within the system.

v1.2.8 (10-19-2022)

Bug fix for system import feature.  Previously, imported date values were treated as text, so sorting by date wasn’t working correctly.  This has been resolved.

v1.2.6 (10-09-2022)

Improved commodity curves feature to allow a user to display 1 or more of the 4 curves on the same graph.  These include:
  • Baseline Walkdown
  • Actual Walkdown
  • Baseline Turnover
  • Actual Turnover
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