Cx Dashboard Change Log

v2023.1.7 (03-02-2023)

  • Bug fix related to display of draft forms via “show draft forms” switch.
  • Changed internal pointers connecting form templates to device types.  Device type now supports new versions of form templates without having to remove and then re-attach form templates to device types.

v2023.1.3 (01-30-2023)

Added ability to import punchlist records from a CSV file.  A pre-formatted CSV file can be downloaded (via a tiny link), populated, and then imported via the new Import CSV button.  See screenshot below for where this is within the system.

v1.2.8 (10-19-2022)

    • Bug fix for system import feature.  Previously, imported date values were treated as text, so sorting by date wasn’t working correctly.  This has been resolved.

v1.2.6 (10-09-2022)

  • Improved commodity curves feature to allow a user to display 1 or more of the 4 curves on the same graph.  These include:
    • Baseline Walkdown
    • Actual Walkdown
    • Baseline Turnover
    • Actual Turnover

Here’s a video illustrating this feature

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