A simple, intuitive dashboard to view your project’s % complete status at a high level, with the ability to drill down and view details in seconds.




Project Setup

Track your project progress with automatic % complete calculations

View your project’s progress at the system and device type levels using simple, colorful numbers, each linked to other areas of the system for drill-down capability.

Track multiple projects

Select a project from the top center listbox to view that project’s metrics.  Toggle to another project with a single click.

Big colorful number blocks

View the number of items completed,in progress, and not started in colorful blocks.  Click on a block to view the details behind the displayed number.

Share project progress with your client for more transparency

Choose which projects to grant access to for specific clients.  Limit access to view-only.

Clickable, meaningful

% complete column charts

  • View simple-to-understand column charts representing % complete
  • Toggle between your grouped systems and device types hierarchies
  • Click to drill down and view more details

View your commodity curves with a few clicks

  • Simple line curves that let you compare up to 4 curves on the same graph:
    • baseline walkdown
    • actual walkdown
    • baseline turnover
    • actual turnover
  • Toggle between mothly and daily views by clicking on a button
  • Change date ranges as needed, use your mouse/trackpad to zoom in or out

View % complete progress grouped by system or device, download completed PDFs, export to Excel

View your project’s progress at the system and device type levels, drill down for details, download to Excel, print completed forms to PDF.

Simplified Project Setup

XForms Cx makes it easy to get your project going in hours, not days or weeks.

Clone an existing, similar project to save time, import your equipment and system lists, easily onboard your field techs, grant read-only access to your clients to specific projects.






Clone a similar project to speed up setup

Automatically clones all device type hierarchies, including form template assignments and weights. Optionally clones all systems.

Import your equipment and systems lists

Import from a flat CSV file. Automatically skips duplicates. Dynamic search to find specific devices, easily assign device types and systems to your equipment.

Build and edit your own form templates and checklists

No need to rely exclusively on the software developers…develop your own custom form templates via our simple-to-use form template designer, where you can add new form templates on a 24×7 basis for free, clone/edit existing ones, and everything in between. And if needed, we can assist and train someone in your organization.

Control who has access to specific projects, including your clients

Tightly control who can access your projects using permission-based credentials with controllable password policies. Provide transparency to your clients by giving them read-only access to their own projects.

Trace your form edits history
(aka audit trail)

Find out the who/when/where/what of a form’s edit history with a few clicks.  View the actual historical PDF over time. Even if it was deleted.

View photos in a simple viewer

Want to see pictures of the commissioned devices?  Just click on the green camera icon and toggle through the photos.  Simple as that.


Yup.  The system also includes a punchlist function, wherein a field tech can flag an issue, that issue can be viewed from the Cx dashboard, and the status of the issue can be updated as needed until resolved.

Want to give it a closer look?

Book a 20-min exploratory discussion, where we listen to your unique needs and pain points, and—if appropriate—demonstrate XForms Cx to you in a live setting.

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