Did you know that you can draw on top of photos right inside of XForms Cx’s mobile app?

Yup.  And its super easy to do.  Just take a picture (or attach one from your device’s photo gallery).  Tap on the picture thumbnail, and then on the little edit icon on the bottom right.  When you do that, you will then see a few colors (red, blue, yellow, and black) and two brush thicknesses (thin and thick).  Tap on these and then draw away.  When done, tap on the green checkbox to save.  That’s it.

Here’s a gif illustrating this feature.

You can also add a caption

And did you know that you can also add captions to your photos?  To add a caption, tap on the tiny edit icon just below the photo’s thumbnail.  Take a look at the gif below for reference.

Your drawings and captions will appear on the final PDFs

Photos with active draw layers will appear on the PDF version of your submitted forms, and captions will automatically be added just below those.  Take a look at the example below.

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