Download the XForms Cx app from your device’s app store

 Login using your credential

Menu items

Devices: Tap to search for a specific device that is ready to be tested/commissioned

Forms: When forms are completed/submitted, they will appear here

Punchlist: Tap to view punchlist items or to start a new (generic) one

Select a Project: Toggle between projects by tapping here

Sync Offline Data: Tap here to download info prior to entering an area with no cell/wifi coverage

Clear Offline Data: Tap here to clear old form templates/download fresh copies

Hidden trick: if you experience a sync issue, tap on the XForms logo to pull up a sync log and then tap on the “send” button to send to us for debugging

Pick your project

Tap on a system to view devices assigned to that system

Tip: The % value on the far right of each system denotes the % complete to date  for that system

Tap on ‘Device Types’ on bottom of screen to view devices grouped by type

Tap on ‘Devices’ to search for a specific device by tag #, etc

Tip: You need to enter at least 3 characters into the search bar to start searching for your device

Tap on a system to view devices assigned to that system

Tap on a device to view the device info and its assigned forms


Tap on the Forms icon to view the Device’s assigned forms


  • Green color means that the form has already been completed. Orange means the form has been started and saved as draft. Black means the form has not been started.
  • The % weight for each form is provided in parentheses next to each form name. The % Complete at the top of the screen is the overall % complete for the device.


Tap on a specific Form to load it into the Form Editor

Scroll down the form and fill it out as needed

Take photos when needed


  • The “Take Picture” button will reduce the photo size automatically, which helps with form upload to the server; whereas the “Photo Library” button will load a photo in full resolution, which may cause issues when submitting a form that has a lot of photos attached to it.

Add a caption to your photo

Tap on the photo to draw on top of it (to point out something)


  • The thick brush is easier to see on top of the drawing
  • The eraser will erase all the draw markings at the same time

Sign the form

Sync offline data (offline mode)

Use this feature before traveling to an area with poor or no cell coverage

Forms Screen

Tap here to view submitted forms

Edit a submitted form

Punchlist items

Add a new punchlist record

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