Mobile App Change Log

v2024.3.0 (03-28-2024)

  • Updated all framework components
  • Changed the light mode color palette for increased contrast in bright sunlight
  • Added automatic dark mode
  • Updated the date picker calendar
  • Improved offline sync
  • Added ability to view PDF version of submitted from right from the mobile app
  • Minor bug fixes

Color Changes Comparison (light and dark mode)

View/share PDF of submitted form

v2023.3.1 (12-15-2023)

  • Added support for Android OS v13

v2023.2.0 (08-12-2023)

  • Validation control bug fixes:
    • Now the minimum number of photos attribute works as intended
    • Required fields in tables now works for existing pre-populated rows
  • Enhanced the conditional validation control attributes
  • Now the mobile app is downloadable as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) on Chrome and Edge browsers.  To download, click on the icon on the far right of the URL address bar.  See screenshot below for reference.

v2023.1.11 (03-14-2023)

  • Fixed issue with displaying image data in the log
  • Fixed issue with Exporting Log to the backend
  • Fixed errors saying you don’t have access to server, when trying to load forms offline
  • Enhanced the messages during sync offline, to show what is happening at each step
  • Highlighted required table fields’ headers

v2023.1.1 (01-12-2023)

  • Added support for cards view in tables.  Now you can set up a table view to display as table rows, cards, or automatically switch from cards (when viewed on small screens) to tables (when viewed on large screens)

v1.1.10 (12-03-2022)

  • Updated to support the new Picture control, which lets you display an image (png or jpg) on a form.  Good for displaying a reference diagram, for example, or some image that field personnel may find useful as instructions.  The Picture control is added using the form template Designer tool.  Example below:

v1.1.8 (07-10-2022)

  • Bug fix for read-only text fields, which were editable in previous version.
  • Bug fix for date fields in tables if a date format was not set.  Now if you leave the date format blank, it assumes you mean US date format (mm/dd/yyyy) and doesn’t throw an error.

v1.1.7 (07-01-2022)

  • Bug fix for syncing device types in offline mode.

v1.1.5 (06-15-2022)

  • Bug fix when cloning a submitted form, the user_id of the source form was not cleared and replaced by the new user_id.  This has been fixed.
  • Support for showTimeZone setting
  • Fix for calculate fields

v1.1.1 (03-08-2022)


  • Added an optional setting to the image control on a form template for saving images to the local phone gallery, with default of this new attribute set to “off” (will not save images to the phone’s local gallery by default).
  • Improved photo management by automatically downsizing photos to 1080 pixels height or width (depending on orientation).  Now a typical 2MB photo is reduced to 200K, resulting in a 1,000% more responsive application.  A “width” setting attribute was added to the Image control, so that the default setting of 1080 px can be changed to a different value

Number Fields

  • Bug fix to support negative numbers

v1.1.0 (03-03-2022)


  • Enabled saving camera images to the local phone gallery.  So now when you take a picture, it adds it to your phone’s image gallery first, and then loads it into XForms with smaller resolution.

Offline Mode

  • An offline on/off switch has been added to the menu bar (see gif below).  So now you don’t have to flip your phone to airplane mode, you can just flip the app to offline mode.

Number Fields

  • Added min and max attributes to numbers to control the range. So now you can limit the numeric values that are allowed inside a field.  For example, a pH field could be set up with a Min value of 1 and a Max value of 14.
  • Enhanced number fields to only accept numbers.  This was mostly a problem with iOS, where you could type in a % symbol for example.  That has been fixed.
  • Added “decimals” attribute to numbers to control the number of decimal points (a decimals value of 0 would be treated as an integer)

Date Fields

  • Added minDate and maxDate to date field to control the range in the date picker.  This new feature supports exact dates.  So you could, for example, have a Min Date of 1/1/2022 and a Max date of 1/10/2022 for a date picker that only can take a value between 10 different days.



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