If your commissioning field teams still use paper forms, you can pre-fill those checklist forms with your project, system, and device tag info automatically

Truth be told, as much as everyone would like to brag about how technically-savvy or modern their company is, most construction commissioning data—even in 2022—is still initially recorded on paper forms.  That’s just fact.  Things are changing, but it’s a slow process.

And you can support the transition by using pre-populated, or pre-filled checklist forms.  This is a built-in feature of XForms Cx.  Here’s how it works:

  • Add your project, system, and devices into XForms Cx as usual
  • Navigate to the Manage > Systems screen
  • Click on the “Blank Forms” icon (a red paper icon) on the far right of the screen for each system
  • Unzip the file, open the form in Acrobat, and print to your printer

Here’s a screenshot of the Manage > Systems screen illustrating where the “Blank Forms” icon is:

Note: These blank forms will remain active until a system is at least 1% complete.  Once that happens, then the blank forms for that particular system will be removed from the above screen.

When you download your system’s blank forms and unzip them, you will see a series of folders.  Each is specific to a particular device, like the example depicted in the screenshot below.  When you click on a device’s folder, you will see the respective commissioning checklist form or forms assigned to that particular device.

Click on the form to open it in Adobe Acrobat, and you will see that it has pre-filled the Project Name, Project Number, System ID, tag ID (aka device_id), and tag description in the proper place on your custome form template.  Print this out, and hand it to your field crew.

Enter this info into XForms Cx using the web version of the mobile app

Once your commissioinng field crews fill out those pre-filled paper forms and return to the consturction trailer, they can hand your clerical staff the completed forms, and then they in turn can enter the commissioning information into XForms Cx using the web version of the mobile app, which can be accessed from the following URL: https://cxapp.xformsweb.com

This version of the native mobile app is EXACTLY THE SAME as the native app.  You can even draw signatures and attach photos using the web app just like you can in the native app.

Here’s a short animated gif illustrating what that looks like using the web version of the mobile app for the same exact pre-filled form template illustrated above.

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