Do you sometimes need to fill out forms on a commissioning project that are not device-specific?

By not device-specific, we mean things like job hazard analysis forms, safety forms, site cleanliness/housekeeping reports, and so forth.  Basically, project-level things that are not related to any specific device or equipment.

If so, you can do this right from within the XForms Cx Mobile app.  After launching the app, tap on the slideout menu, then on the Forms menu.  You will then see a screen that will display your project’s submitted forms.  On the bottom right you will see a “+” icon.  Tap on that icon and you can then access your generic form templates.    Take a look at the gif below.


Why having this feature is useful

You won’t need to use a different software product (or paper forms) to manage this part of your commissioning project.  You can do all of it….commissioning forms AND generic forms…within a single platform.  No extra tools to deploy, pay for, and learn.  And your feidl techs can access your generic (not device-specific) forms right from the same app.

Pre-populated fields

Just like with your commissioning forms, you can set certain fields on your generic forms to pre-populate with project-specific information.  For example, the project name and project number. This is optional.

Same reporting and PDF features

Generic forms submitted within the Cx platform function exactly the same as device-specific commissioning forms: same screen, same PDF functions, same photo gallery display, same form history feature.

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