XForms technology under the hood

The basis for XForms Cx is XForms, a mobile forms platform consisting of core APIs, a NoSQL cloud datastore, a mobile app framework, web app components, and a form template designer.

XForms Cx uses these building blocks as the foundation for the product, and further adds additional APIs and components to support device lists, device type hierarchies, automated % complete calculations, and separate mobile and web apps.

As the XForms core technology improves to support other verticals, the XForms Cx product benefits, providing an ever-improving product.

System Architecture



Elastic, highly scalable, low-latency, redundant cloud-based datastore accessible only via REST API calls.  All data encrypted in rest state.


RESTful APIs behind a secure enterprise-grade firewall.


Firewall layer between the RESTful APIs and both the web application and native mobile apps.

Web and Mobile Apps

Web app: used for reporting dashboard, user management, reference list maintenance, and form design.  Native mobile and progressive web apps: used for field data collection


Encryption at rest
Encryption in transit via https
Firewall layer between apps and APIs
Access to the database only via APIs
Definable password policies

Want to give it a closer look?

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