If your field crew is similar to most construction commissioning teams, it has a mix of people that are comfortable with technology and people that aren’t.

And that’s ok.

XForms Cx was designed to be simple and versatile, and to accommodate tech-savvy people as well as not-so-techie folks that are more comfortable using tried-and-true paper forms.

I’m not sure if other modern construction commissioning software tools are able to do the following, but XForms can:

  • Generate pre-populated blank forms which contain all of a device’s details at the top of the form
  • Ability to transcribe commissioning data completed on paper forms via a web browser (instead of a smaller mobile phone or tablet)

How does it work?

Once you set up your project in XForms Cx, navigate to Manage > Systems menu from the left pane and you will see a “download forms” link at the far right of each system ID.  Click on this icon and your pre-populated blank forms for each device within that particular system will download as a zip file.

When you open the zip file, you will see a folder for each device.  Click on the device folder, and you will see a PDF file for each assigned form template for that device.

Here’s a screenshot of the Manage > Systems screen.

Here’s a screenshot of an opened zip file containing multiple devices.

And here’s a PDF of a commissioning form assigned to a particular device, pre-populated with project, system, and device information.


Where do you enter the paper-based data?

In addition to running natively on iOS and Android devices, the mobile component of XForms Cx also runs on any modern web browser.  It looks and feels exactly the same as the native app, except that you can use a much larger screen, on laptops, touch-screens, and desktop computers.  You can even sign the form using your mouse or trackpad, and even attach photos.

So…to enter paper-based data, you would open a browser tab in Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, go to cxapp.xformsweb.com and log in using a valid credential.  Then proceed to enter the details from there.

Here’s a short gif illustrating the mobile app n action in a Chrome browser on a Mac.


Adopt a new way of doing things, but adapt at your own pace…

With XForms Cx, you can modernize your construction completions process and workflow, but adapt at a pace that works for all of your staff.  It’s not a “none or all” kind of thing.  It can be anything in between. At your pace.  At your staff’s pace.

Want to give it a go?