Custom splashscreen when your customer logs in

You can create a custom marketing message and present this as a splash screen when your customer first logs in.  It can be whatever you wish…just create it and we will add it to your account for display on customer login.  Anytime a customer logs in, they will be presented with that splash screen.

Real-time access

You can provide real-time read-only access to a particular project or projects to your customers.  Your customers will have access to specific projects you dictate, and the dashboard pages they will have access to include:

  • Dashboard
  • Charts
    • % complete
    • Curves
  • Completions
    • System Turnover
    • Device Completion
    • Submitted Forms
  • Punchlist
  • Approval

Controlled access

You can control which projects you provide your customer access to. From the Users screen, when you add a new user, you can give them “Client” permissions.  This is what tells the system that the user credential you are creating is for a customer.  After saving the new user, the screen will refresh and display a gear icon on the far right.  Click that gear icon to tell the system what project or projects this new customer login should have access to.

Minimal setup time

The features described here are intended to be super simple to set up,  In fact, you can do this within a couple of minutes.  And when the project is over, you can disable your customer’s login by flipping the “disabled” switch in their credential screen to “off”.

Transparency for your customers builds trust

Providing access to key project information, like % complete with drill down capability, and access to submitted forms in real-time, to your very own customers generates trust and goodwill.  It’s something to strive for, and XForms Cx can deliver on this.

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