The 10,000 foot view

The very first thing you see when you log into the Cx dashboard app is the 10K foot view of your project.  Key metrics right at your fingertips including:

  • The overall % complete of the entire project
  • How many forms have been completed and how many have been started
  • How many system have been completed, started, and not started
  • How many devices have been completed, started, and not started

Drill down for details

All of the top-level metrics on the dashboard are clickable, so when you hover over the % complete gauge, or over a large number block, you can then click on it and you will be taken to another part of the app that will then display more details that were used to provide that calculated value you clicked on.

For example, if you click on the project % complete gauge, you will be taken to the % Complete column chart, where you can view % complete at the System ID level as well as at the device type level.  In the screenshot below, you can very quickly see that the CTLWR (Cooling Tower) system is around 40% complete, whereas the other systems are 100% complete. This metric is super simple to see and understand quickly, something that a commissioning manager can do in a matter of a few seconds.

If you then click on the “By Type” button (top left of column chart as pointed out by the red arrow at the top of the screenshot above), you will see a different way of viewing your device completions, this time by device type.

For example, in the screenshot above, you can see that Instruments and Mechanical devices are less than 100% complete, meaning there are some mechanical devices and instruments left to commission.

If you set up your device type hierarchy with several layers, you will be able to drill down and view the % complete at each hierarchical level, one level at a time, until you get to the bottom hierarchical level.  Once you get to the bottom device level, when you click on the column, it will then take you to the details that make up those values.

For example, in the screenshot above, if you click on the Pumps column, you will see a popup dialogue box asking if you’d like to view the devices.  If you then click the Ok button, your screen will refresh and you will be taken to the submitted forms for all the pumps, where you can view the details for each form in a simple table grid, and also where you can click to view/save/print the PDF for each form.

Walkdown and Turnover Curves

You can also view line curves that plot baseline walkover against actual walkover, and baseline turnover against actual turnover.  This is another way to view your commissioning project status over time, and see if your crew is on time, behind, etc. The dates plotted on these curves come from the Manage > Systems screen. 

What it’s like in a live setting

Sometimes screenshots explained with text don’t tell the whole picture, so here’s a 38-second video of how it works.

Simple is always better than complex

Albert Einstein said… “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” 

That’s the approach we took when designing XForms Cx, which is:

  • Simple to set up and go live with on a project
  • Simple to deploy and use by your field crews
  • Simple yet meaningful analytics and reports

Check out the powerful simplicity of XForms Cx for yourself.

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