Latest Product Releases

These are the latest Cx product versions in production

Product Version Release Date
Cx Mobile App 0.10.8 9-14-2021
Cx Reporting Dashboard 1.1.0 9-6-2021
Form Template Designer 0.7.15 9-13-2021


Sneak peak at what’s coming in the next few months (~ Nov 2021)

 Form Routing & Approvals Workflow

After field tech submits a form, it is routed to a person or persons for review and rejection/approval.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What does this cost/what is your pricing?

Pricing information can be found on our pricing page, here:

Do you have a free trial?
Not per se. However, your $249 one-time setup fee includes 30 days of platform usage at no charge and includes the full feature set, including unlimited users, unlimited form templates, and unlimited form submissions.
Do you charge per user?
No, we don’t charge by the user. We charge per active project per month, with an unlimited # of users. An active project is defined as an active commissioning project. Dormant/completed/inactive projects are not counted.
What does it cost to get form templates built by your team?

You can build form templates on your own for free using our Form Template Designer, and we can teach you how to use it via free Zoom meetings. If you prefer to have us build your initial batch of form templates for you, there is a fee to do that. Our standard fee is $249 per form template, which includes the development of both the input form template as well as the output (PDF and HTML) form templates. We do have volume discounts. Contact us with your particulars for a formal quote.

Mobile App

Where can I download the mobile app?

You can download our mobile app from either the iOS app store or the Google Play (Android) store. Links to each can be found on our downloads page:

Does the mobile app work on iPad or Android tablets?


Does the mobile app work in offline mode?

Yes. To use the app in offline mode, while in an area with internet connectivity, tap on the slideout menu and then on “Sync Offline Data”. After sync has been completed for the device types you will be commissioning, put your phone into airplane mode and use the app as usual. When you get back to an area with connectivity, tap on the sync icon to push your changes to the server.

Does the mobile app work on a web browser?

Yes. The web version of the mobile app works on any modern browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Note that it does not work on Internet Explorer. 

All elements of the web version of the mobile app function the same as the native app, including accessing the camera for photo capture and even geolocation capture.  While not fully tested, the web version of the mobile app should also work in offline mode.  This is is possible due to the progressive web app (PWA) architecture of the mobile app.

A typical use case for the web version of the mobile app is for transposing checklist and commissioning info that was filled out on traditional paper in the field into XForms by clerical staff.

What's the login URL for the web version of the mobile app?


What's the login URL for the admin and reporting dashboard?
How is % complete calculated automatically?

A good explanation for how XForms Cx calculates % complete can be found on this page:

To summarize, you can assign weights to each form template at the device type level. This weight is multiplied by either 0 (form not started), 0.5 (form has been started but not submitted), or 1.0 (form complete and submitted by field tech). All calcs are then rolled up from the individual device up your device type hierarchy, all the way to the topmost level which is your overall project % complete.

How do I add users to the system?
Users can only be added by an admin user. After login, go to Admin > Users and then click on the +Add button at the top right of the screen.

Once added, you can disable this user, force change their password, or change their permission levels.

See screenshot below for reference.

Can I import my equipment checklists?
Yes. Our system can import comma-separated value (CSV) file imports for equipment and also for system IDs. To import, navigate to Manage > Systems or Manage > Devices, and click on the Import button on the top right of the screen. To assist in the import process, you can download an import template which is located just to the left of the import button. See screenshot below for reference.

Can I export all of my data out of XForms Cx?
Yes. Every single table (completions, devices, systems, projects, punchlist, users, etc) in the dashboard contains an “Export to Excel” button. To download everything listed in the table, click that button.

All your form completion data is also exportable via PDF download. This is provided at the Completions > System Turnover screen.

See screenshot below for reference.

Can my clients log into the dashboard and view their projects?

Yes. You can set up a credential for your client, and control which project they have access to.

To do this, navigate to Admin > Users, add a new user, and pick “Client” from the Role listbox. Then click on the gear icon and choose which projects they should have access to. When they log in, they will only be able to view projects you have given them access to.


What do you do to ensure my data is secure?
All data stored in XForms is encrypted at rest and in transit.
There is a firewall layer between the apps (mobile and web) and the APIs that power the system.
Access to the database is only via the APIs.
There is no direct access to the datastore.
You can also define your own password policies in Admin > Users. See screenshot below for the password policies feature of the system.

Is my data being backed up?
Yes. Full backups are made daily, and snapshots are taken every 15 minutes. Backups are replicated in multiple datacenters.
Where is my data being stored?

XForms is powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud, the most reliable and secure cloud system available today. Our datastore is Microsoft’s CosmosDB, their NoSQL data engine. Information about this technology can be found here:


Can XForms Cx integrate with other software tools like Procore and BIM360?

Yes. XForms uses an open 2-way API architecture, with RESTful API endpoints. Anything stored in XForms can be programmatically extracted out of XForms for insertion into other software products. Even Cx-specific information such as equipment and system ID lists can be accessed this way.

API documentation can be found here:

Can I use Zapier, Integromat, or similar tool to connect XForms with other software?
Yes. While we don’t have an available “zap” just yet, any integration tool such as Zapier and Integromat can be used to connect XForms Cx to other software tools including Slack, OneDrive, Dropbox, Teams, Procore, Office365, BIM360, etc etc.


Mobile App


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