Simple to download and start using

If you want to use the progressive web app natively on a laptop or desktop, do the following:

  • Launch Microsoft’s Edge or Google’s Chrome browser.
  • Enter “” into the address bar.
  • Once that page loads, in the address bar, on the far right, you will see a little “install app” icon.  Click that.
  • Follow the instructions in the popup window to customize your settings (e.g., give your camera access to the app).
  • Launch and use the app from your Start screen or wherever you pinned it.

Here’s a screenshot and a gif of the above steps:

Screenshot illustrating where to find the install app icon

Google Chrome browser installation

Microsoft Edge browser installation

Works the same as the native iOS and Android apps

Everything works the same as the native phone/tablet apps: camera, microphone, even the app’s offline feature.  The only diffference is the geolocation capture.  Geolocation is more difficult to capture from a laptop or desktop than a phone or tablet because of the lack of a GPS card. 

So I guess that’s one difference.  Otherwise they are the same and can be used interchangeably.  And if you need a larger screen, you can do that easily without skipping a beat.

Great for projects involving an onsite trailer, clerical staff, and paper forms (yes, paper forms)

If some of your crews are not comfortable using a mobile device in the field, or if your project is highly sensitive like a nuclear facility and no devices are allowed on site, you can still use paper.  That’s what our Pre-Filled commissioning forms feature is for….to ease field teams into using a digital system. The typical workflow for a project involving some field crews using phones/tablets, and some field crews using paper is as follows:

  • Clerical staff in the trailer downloads and prints pre-filled commissioning checklists and forms
  • Field crews do their work and record everything on these pre-filled paper commissioning checklists
  • At the end of the day, the field crews using paper go back to the project trailer and hand their completed forms to the clerical staff
  • Clerical staff uses the XForms Cx Progressive Web App to transpose the info on paper to the XForms Cx system

While the above involves double-entry (once for the field crew to enter on paper, and once for the clerical staff to tanspose into XForms Cx), in some instances it’s necessary.  And if so, the XForms Cx PWA app can be used seamlessly for that type of scenario.

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